"I liked the class.  I really felt that you took the time out to really help me learn and
properly use my firearm."

E.E. 03-20-2011
"Mr. Palmer did an exceptional job and offers an unbeatable value when learning
personal protection with firearms"

K.L. 03-20-2011
"The instructor really made me think about the importance of having a gun and how
much responsibility that is implied when owning a gun.  The after effects or
consequences of defending yourself were explained will and very informative.  Great
Class - Makes you think about all aspects of gun ownership"

L.E. 03-20-2011
prepared and wanting to get back to the range.  

Thanks Ross "

M.W. 03-26-2011
would highly recommend this class & instructors to everyone "

J.H. 11-05-2011
J.M.Y. 11-05-2011
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