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Private Pistol Instruction
One hour session $40.00.  Call
734.645.2344 to schedule time
Private Pistol Instruction
30 minute session $25.00.  Call
734.645.2344 to schedule time
With our private pistol instruction, the more instruction time you schedule the less you pay per session.  
Training sessions are tailored to the needs of each student. Purchase more training time and get more
"bang" for your buck.

30 minute training session = 25.00 per session (good value)
One hour training session = $40.00 per session (Better value. You save $10.00 )
Three one hour training session = $99.00 ( BEST VALUE !!  You save $50.00)
Private Training Sessions
Private Pistol Instruction
Three - one hour sessions $99.00.  
Call 734.645.2344 to schedule time
Call us at 734.645.2344                       E-mail us at